Welcome to Bactimm – Farmalyse – Prolepha Labs

Bactimm B.V. & Farmalyse B.V. offers contract services for the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics industry and hospitals, with dedicated centres of excellence for Microbiological and Pharma-Chemical Investigations.

Bactimm and Farmalyse are your partners for analytical services, laboratory investigations & international services that are customised to the requirements of the industry.

Analytical Laboratory Services

Routine quality control, validation, method development and stability testing.

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Contract Manufacturing Services

Centre of Excellence in manufacturing sterile medical implants and pharmaceuticals.

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European Healthcare Services

Our one-stop-shop solution is your European Gateway for imported pharmaceuticals and finished products.

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Research and Development

Drug discovery and development services are provided by
Bactimm - Farmalyse.

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Partner in EFRO project disinfection with Plasma Activated Water

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Bactimm, Farmalyse and Prolepha Labs are part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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